Canyoning Photography

I'm really into Canyoning in some of the most beautiful places, so a camera is inevitable, but it 's very difficult to take good photos in such environment. Tried to went with my DLSR (old one), but I could only take it out in very uninteresting places, because of the water.

Now I go with a Olympus TG-4, best waterproof compact camera, with some results, but fog and water drops in the lenses are still a problem. Do you have any tips for this kind of environment?

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Try an umbrella :-)

I'd try to take 2 shots with a tripod. One fast for the person, one long for the water, and try to combine them in post.

Just tried the 2 shots with a tripod yesterday. Looks promising.

Don't just promise, I'm curious to see it!!

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Cover the lens by holding a baseball hat over it and wipe it off. Pop it off just when you're taking a picture then cover and repeat. Slows things down a bit, but works at keeping your lens as clean as possible and gives you room to clean. Like Oren said, try doing a longer exposure and keep things locked off and shoot a few fast shots. Gives you an option to add some more silky smooth water into the shot. Looks like fun!

Started carrying a small tripod and I'm trying to take 2 shots, like Oren said, one for the water and and for the canyoneer. Keeping the lenses clean is still a problem. I'm trying different options.

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I really like this shot! You almost get vertigo from it. Cool perspective.

This is the struggle with waterfalls, that the spray is always getting on the lens. And you have to get the droplets off or you can get really annoying lens flare type spots.

I agree with other suggestions already posted.

I take a couple large microfiber cloths with me, and cover the lens when I'm not actually shooting. Then keep wiping the lens dry while I'm shooting. Eventually the microfiber cloths will get too wet and have to be switched out.

A good weather sealed DSLR or Olympus M43 camera would hold up to the elements and allow for a larger sensor.