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Seemingly green colouration in clouds?

Hi everyone,

This is the second time I'm having this problem. Cannot figure out what caused the seemingly green cast in the clouds in this image (taken on a D5300). I've tried all sorts of things to remove it, but nothing works. I figured I'd check if it really is a green or cyan coloration and turns out it is rather in the grey range. I absolutely cannot figure out what to do with it. The raw file looks just as bad.

Has anyone encountered this issue and has an idea how to resolve it? Thanks a lot in advance!

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Two questions have you tried printing it to see if it still has that green hue and also have you calibrated your computer screen

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Both my macs are calibrated and it looks the same. Tried on in Windows too. Same. Haven't printed it though.

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my only thought is that it may be natural it is possible if the clouds were low enough and the reflecting sunlight bright enough that it could be reflecting the green from the land

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It is definitely possible to see greens in the sky - there are various rainbow-like phenomena, of which you might be seeing only a part, and I have multicoloured hues in high cloud images taken on Kodachrome. Joseph's point about reflection is another

Manipulating contrast in post can lead to spurious shades, I presume because of limitations in sensor technology, etc. I often find odd shades creeping into skies, in proportion to how much I've pushed contrast.

I use ACDSee, which is apparently an imitation of Photoshop. In this program, there is a function called Color EQ, which adjusts a specific colour only, rather than the colour balance of the whole image. I'd imagine there's an equivalent in most sophisticated photo processing software. In the screenshot, I've maxed out the green slider but there was no green in the sky to start with, so it's not changed. I'd do the reverse in your image but of course only in the sky.

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In Lighroom I would use graduated filter on the sky with luminance mask and desaturate until it's gone.

Doesn't look natural to me, it's too specific. It's either a color management issue, something that crept in with post processing or maybe even a configuration problem in Photoshop. Do you edit your pictures in RGB/8 or RGB/16?

This should be easy to fix, create a hue/saturation or color balance layer with a black mask, choose select color range and select those patches, hide the selection with Ctrl-H and then paint with a white brush at 10% opacity or something in the mask where you can spot the green cast.

That way you can still fine tune your color correction after you're done. If you messed up somewhere, paint with a black brush at 10% opacity.

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Thanks for your comments everyone!

I've already tried everything you've mentioned with (de-)saturation and masking. The *unedited* RAW file also has this strange hue. I process at RGB/16... so, still clueless what this really is.

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I pulled the image into camera raw, That sky color that looks perceptually greenish is actually blue. Just selectively pull down the blue saturation/luminosity on the problem areas of the sky and it should fix it.

Also to what Joseph said, some monitors may have a tendency to push the green channel more, so thats why it may look more aggressive to you.