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Trying new processing techniques on this shot of the Mint Hut

Splitboard toured up to the Mint Hut in Alaska. We were supposed to complete the Bomber Traverse, but weather and a few other factors shut us down. This is a couple image pano and the processing I've been trying out basically involves using a black and white version of the photo as a luminosity mask in photoshop to help give the photo a bit more punch.

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Wow, I think it definitely has the punch you were going for. I like it a lot. Great work.

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That's a very interesting technique. Mind posting without that mask just for reference?

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I tweaked the final image a bit more, but this was the base image that had the mask applied.

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Oh yeah that really worked wonders! I wonder how it compares to similar work with the tone curve or contrast slider. Your method works great, just curious about the nuts and bolts behind it.

Alan Brown's picture

That looks a lot more natural to me and much more to may personal taste.

Alan Brown's picture

If your goal was to create punch then I have to say you have certainly succeeded in that respect.
Perhaps not to my taste but I'm sure others will love it.

joseph cole's picture

the mountains and sky are very nice but the red is just too much for my eye, just a little desaturation otherwise it feels like a postcard for Christmas

Kjell Vikestad's picture

Me to. The cabin is way to oversaturated. Otherwise a really nice shoot.