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Would like some crituqe on wildlife photos

I would like some critique on these wild life photos.
Most of these photos are taken around my house and the neighbourhood.
they were taken with a Pentax k-x and a sigma 150-500 at iso 800 f/6-8 and shutterspeed 1/500
I know that they are slightly out of focus because I used manual focus because the Pentax k-x doesn't support telephoto AF
Also none of these photos are cropped that I can think of and if they are only very slightly

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Nice images. My favorite one is the second. I like how you framed your subject with the bushes. Most of you images look like fairly flat lighting conditions. Have you tried shooting during Sunrise or sunset?

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thanks Jason yes I try and shoot in all lighting conditions. the second one and the third were shot at sunset but I live in a valley so I don't get the evening and morning sun

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Here is one which I took when we were on a walk away from home. is the this better lighting?

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Hi Jeremy, I am so glad to see this post - from one pentax user to another! And, interestingly, I have been looking at this very lens. lucky day! I currently have a K-3 and one of my go-to lenses is sigma 70-300 - 5.6.

I find that my sigma is a total light hog and therefore, while I prefer the nice light of morning or evening, I need high light to get clear focus. I don't even bother with this lens if it is at all cloudy or dim. Unfortunately, what you gain in affordability with sigma, you loose in lower light use. When I use this lens, I often have to work on making to light more pleasing in post processing.

I think your first image is nice and just needs a denoise filter. Just the result of shooting in ISO 800 and exactly why I don't use the sigma without high light.

I think for your 2nd, 4th and side bar photos, you might consider not shooting in quite such a tight depth of field. I think it would be more pleasing if a little more of the birds' surroundings were in focus. It is part of their story. Without it, the birds don't have anything to give perspective either. It is why I think the first, third and fifth images work best.

Personally, my favorite is the fifth. I love the scene and there is a story with him peaking out from behind the leaf. The depth is great, focus is perfect, I really like this one. If there was even the tiniest thing to do it would be to slightly lighten his face. This is the winner for me.

Hope this helps, best wishes and happy birding!


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Thank you Ruth for your feed back ill work on those mistakes.

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I wouldn't call them mistakes! Just other things to try. ;)