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Shadows of the morning

After the glow of the dawn fades, I watch as the light of the rising sun strikes the face of snow covered peaks...shadows of the morning.

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Frank Deland's picture

Wow you took advantage of being at a beautiful spot at the right time day. I see lines and triangles. The dark of clouds along the top gives nice balance to the dark along the bottom of the frame. I have learned to like diagonals coming out of corners. Try a slight crop up from the bottom until the edge of the water comes right out of the corner. Recently I have one good results playing with Color Selection Adjustments in PS. (It's the choice at the bottom of the column) You might be able to draw out some more interest in the colors. Hard to beat the soft pastel colors you have here, however.

Lorretta Clarke's picture

Love, this composition is good, although you might want to see whether image is stronger by cropping the upper clouds. I would also lighten a little the darks, and add a tadd of clarity. Beautiful color

Ruth Carll's picture

This is really nice. The color is soooo lovely. I love the subtle softness. I held a piece of paper over the top and then the bottom and i think the current crop might be the best. It would be interesting if, based on the feedback, you tried a few and added them to the post. i think this one might win. this is one of my favorite images i've seen in a while. Thank you!