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Clouds over Everglades Nat'l Park

From a late afternoon drive through the Everglades in 2017.

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Ruth Carll's picture

Very Nice Phillip! My guess is that it is beautiful in color as well. Great eye for seeing how well this would work unsaturated. It has unusually well-done for this type of vista shot. Really nicely done.

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Thanks, Ruth. I have been doing this long enough that I try to see everything around in terms of how it would look in B&W. :)

Amy Hunter's picture

I really like the gradations of tone as negative space around the clouds. Without desaturating, that subtlety would have been lost. (By the way, I'm a cloud geek)

Phillip Breske's picture

South Florida does have some nice clouds. :)

Shawn Mahan's picture

Awesome! I love huge skies. The way the clouds are being blown up and over is incredible. I don't want to be on the back side of that though, looks a little wet. The position of the tree is great too.

Frank Deland's picture

I like the wide angle view with the wonderful clouds. I have read that one element making a good conversion to B&W is having a histogram that is full in the middle and extends out to the edges showing a wide range of tones. You have that in this one! Wow! After reading Shawn's comment about the tree, I notice you have a line of trees that go from tall to medium to short as they fade to the rear. That must be helping to add depth to the image. The lines of tress drwas our eye right to the center of the horizon.

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really like this Phillip as i am a cloudaholic ever changing and never the same look or color twice is why I'm addicted to them .
fantastic image

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Philip - did you use a filter on the clouds - like a red filter?

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In post, yes. I use Silver Efex Pro for the B&W conversion and frequently use a red filter effect when working on landscapes. I believe I also shot this with a polarizing filter on the lens, so that helped in the original exposure.