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Just after a recent winter storm, I went out into the mountains in search of some winter scenes to photograph. After snowshoeing along the base of the mountains a few isolated trees caught my eye.

With late afternoon light casting nice shadows on the drifting snow, the "Z" or jagged "S" pattern that was present with the trees in the middle looked like a good shot.

200mm, F5, 1/2000"

I think this shot works...

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Most excellent!

Thank you :)

A very minimalist approach to landscape photography, I like it !

Very different than most of my "Busy" landscape images!
Thank you :)

I like the concept of this shot. There is a theory called the rule of thirds. It is uncertain if this was captured outside or manufactured inside. The trees are placed directly in the center of the frame which leaves too much negative around. In my opinion, if this image is cropped tighter, it might be enhanced significantly. Thank you for sharing this image.

This image was captured in nature - as described in my post. I would have to respectfully disagree with altering the image by cropping. Eliminating any of the surrounding space would eliminate the patterns of light & shadow that draw you through the frame. With the simple subject centered, I believe it creates a pleasing symmetry throughout the image. Of course that is my humble opinion, others may see it otherwise.

Thanks for the critique!