Calling All Portrait Photographers!

The goal of this community is to share, engage, and learn from others across the globe doing what we all love, taking portraits!

With that said, please feel free to introduce yourself here, where you're from and share a favorite portrait of yours!

Is photography a lie?

I am the type of photographer who is afraid of showing his pictures on camera. When people ask me to take their pictures, they expect to see a nice shot right out of the camera. That frustrates me because I feel that I am not good enough at taking pictures. What is photography anyway?

In the shadows

Had an idea to try to do low key shot with one or two lightsource. Did this one with cheap chinese speedlite Neewer attached to Roundflash.

Flash was positioned straight above model.

Susanna Ylitalo

Nikita Tikka

Eye Contact

I don't have a lot of experience in portrait photography. It is something I would love to get more experience with. Any suggestions or ideas of how to get started would be great. Finding models is the key.

The Young

Hi all, someone asking me for take a picture at weekend. I am not prepared for this session photo. Just meet her for the first time. she is not a model too. So, i need to communication with her a lot, try to captured the best moment fro her smile. I used Tamron SP 28-75 LD for this session and i retouched it with photoshop.

Portrait Retouching

Hey everyone,

I just updated my website/portfolio:

Let me know what do you think about this ( services, price list, system, photos...). I am glad for your comment !

You can upload trial or order if you interested in my services :)

Thanks all :*
Nam Nguyen

Do you use frequency separation?

I was retouching a few photos and this question dawned on me. Do you use frequency separation? How frequently? And why do you?

I'd say I rarely use frequency separation, if ever. I'd say less than 5% of my portrait retouching involves FS, unless the makeup was poorly done, etc. I like to stay on the natural side and consider FS to be a "...

Shooting Portraits from the hip while traveling

Most of my photography consists of playing around with various cameras or traveling and meeting people where I go. More often than not, if someone is willing to pose for a portrait for me, I won't have but one opportunity to get off a shot before alienating their welcome. It's amazing how many people (some won't) are willing to have their...

Portrait Retouching

I am retoucher and do portrait retouching from $3 per image.
Are you interested in working with me?

Contact me if you need any help :)
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I've been trying real hard to up my game in fashion photography. What do you think of this one shot? Tech details are on my profile, under that picture. Thank you very much! :)

By the window

I've really pumped up the contrast on this one. Liked the intensity for this photograph. I would love to get some CC. Thanks in advance.


Need your advice on that one

I shooted that photo in late august. In my frame, i've tryed to put in pink flower in right upper corner to create some blur and depth.
But finally when a came home, I didn't like it so much, but I really like the photo.
So, as it was not possible to get rid it, I tryed to make it more discreet with a kind of a vignetage green and...

First retouch attempt

This is my first retouch attempt and i'd love to hear your advice and your thoughts about it. Although it's my first one, feel free to be strict! Bad feedback always force you to be better. Good too :)

I got lucky

Shooting on the beach here in St. Petersburg, FL. We were simply wandering, I turn around as she's following me and instantly go, "YES!"

Not all those who wander are lost.


Sherin is a model who competed to Mrs.Sri Lanka and won the mini title "Mrs.Beautifu Legs". I had a chance to shoot few pictures and i posted the picture i most like.

Elinchrom Vs Broncolor Vs Profoto

Has anybody tested these lights on a model/face and kept them side-by-side to see the real difference in the quality of the lights? Please share the images or post a link if you know of someone who has done this test. I need to buy lights and figuring out the real difference between these three.. Thanks!

This shot was spur of the moment...

I happened to be in the neighborhood where a friend of mine was in the middle of a test session. He invited me to stop by during the shoot.

After he was done, he tossed his Canon my way and I had 15 minutes or so to come up with something. This is what we came up with!

Magic Hour Session

I realized that I always steered clients toward portrait sessions in the late afternoon or as close to sunset as they would allow. This led to a new portrait offering: magic hour sessions. Clients who agree to sessions close to sunset are rewarded with the most gorgeous light.

Have you tried offering this type of session to your clients...