Calling All Portrait Photographers!

The goal of this community is to share, engage, and learn from others across the globe doing what we all love, taking portraits!

With that said, please feel free to introduce yourself here, where you're from and share a favorite portrait of yours!

"Confidence Building" session

nikon D500, Sigma 105 1.4, flashpoint xplor 600 with softbox. these are part of a confidence building session i just started offering. I started offering these sessions mainly for mothers who don't have time for themselves due to spending most of their time with the kids, but i've found it can literally apply to anyone. I talk to them about...

Light Shadow Highlight

Favourite of mine from a great session in the studio both myself and Tom Gold where looking to update our portfolios and this is one of the images from the collaboration, much fun had! I wrote a blog and created a video on how I lit the images here


Ghana beauty model @naomi_zibor from model agency @KS_Models_Atyrau HMUA: @beatris_centerkrasoty. Clam shell lighting using a Profoto D2 with 3X2' softbox and B1X with beauty dish with grid. Camera: Hasselblad H6d50c Lens: HC 150mm f/8.0 @1/320 Edited on @EIZO

Do you see weird skin tones?

This is my go to model, Pía, from Uruguay.

As I usually say, I am colorblind, and hence a lot of my pictures have strange colors, especially on skin tones. I am currently trying to get around it. So, are the colors ok in this picture? Also any other comments are welcome :) Thanks!

PS: The file is not in high quality.

Express Your Vision

Model: Altynay @KS_Models_Atyrau
Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie
HMUA: @Beatris_centerkrasoty
Style: @Ako_fashion585
Camera: Hasselblad H6d50c Lens: HC 150mm