Calling All Portrait Photographers!

The goal of this community is to share, engage, and learn from others across the globe doing what we all love, taking portraits!

With that said, please feel free to introduce yourself here, where you're from and share a favorite portrait of yours!


This is natural light portrait, taken outdoors under a roof of some sort. I love windy conditions for my portraits. It adds a certain dynamic, an energy, that would be lacking in the first place.

Alpinstars Medical Team Portraits

Earlier this year I took a series of portraits of the Alpinestars Medical Team. The team provides medical services at all the Monster Energy Supercross races and the Lucas Oil Motocross Series. The team is made up of medical professionals who volunteer their time each weekend to provide medical services at each event. The events are all across...

White Parsdise

I took this picture a week ago with a friend who happens to be a model. I wanted to capture something weird and different, since the people I usually shoot are nevere profesional models. I had sooo much fun doing this photoshoot. We went to a mormon spot and they kicked us out, but I think it was worth it.
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Why do we photograph?

Some people do it for glamor, for some its money, some find it more of a passion and for some, it's all about opening up one's private space. I belong to the last group of people who love photographing human body, emotions in its naked form. 'BARE' is a self-portrait series of mine dealing with own vulnerability...


Making do with whatever the circumstances allow. In this case a dirty stair well in a downtown parking garage. Since it is a garage, the messy background works. Well, in my opinion :)

First post

I'm John from Columbia, South Carolina. This is my first post of any kind on Fstoppers. I look forward to more participation.