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Hey everybody, my name is Rex, I currently live in Saint George, Utah. Most of my photography is one landscape or another, but on occasion I'll dabble in portraiture and I've studied a wide variety of styles for portraiture simply to grow and expand as a photographer. I'm still pretty new to shooting swimwear and I feel like I've got a lot to...

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Hi everybody, my name is Ricardo Mantilla @ricardomantilla. Based out of Miami, FL. My main focus on photography is swimwear and lifestyle. I would love to connect with some of you and share some knowledge around this community.

Color Grade Feedback

Hi Everyone, I'm just beginning to try my hand at post processing and am having trouble achieving colors that I'm happy with. I've attached this photo as an example. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Swimsuit photography by Ipsito Das

To have swimsuit photograph the model should be very flexible. Here she is extremly flexible for the shoot. This photograph has been taken by Fashion Photographer Ipsito Das. India's most talented photographer who exactly knows how to promote models.

F.R.E.E A Fashion Series (Swimwear Edition)

What does it mean to really be F.R.E.E? How does it feel to be really F.R.E.E?
Explore what it really means to be F.R.E.E!
Photo and Post: Richard Oppong (@platinum.imagery)
Model: Kathy (@mingele)
Makeup: Maima (@glamourholic_base)
Costume and Styling: Tolani Enwereji / Definition Co (@tolani_e / @...

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Well, here is my first post in this group so I selected a couple of my faves.

Sot on location on the beaches around Melbourne, Australia with a Godox QT-600, Godox LP800x Inverter and a 300mm Beauty Dish.