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I'm an American travel photographer originally from Detroit, USA. I'm currently based in South Africa shooting for the tourism industry and building my Stocksy portfolio.

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The Unknown Path

I'm Mainak, from India.

This photograph I captured during my last visit to the Buxa Tiger Reserve in Bengal. The grey foggy weather and the forests at the morning were creating mystery.


Bengal's one of the most popular travel destination is Santiniketan, where the noble-laureate Rabindranath Tagore established his open air school. His idea was that children will study staying within the nature.

Top ten from 2017 for WPO

Hi, my first post to the discussions,
just recently I entered the competition as many of you I guess the Sony world photo.
anyway here are my ten which I've submitted.

Its mostly from my travels in India some are from Vietnam and some street moments

Suggestions for my Patagonia trip in February .


So I am going to Patagonia this February and and would love to hear any suggestions and tips on locations where to shoot in the areas that I will be in.

I am flying into Coyhaique then traveling down to Rio Tranquilo. From there I will probably head up to the Island of Chiloé where I hopefully will be able to go see...

The Aggie Barn

I was hoping to get some CC on my recent trip to Reagan Texas to photograph the Iconic Barn for Texas A&M alumni. I really like the shot but would love some good honest feedback on what I could do to capture the photograph it better next time or suggestions on the edit.

Scotland, UK

Hey guys! I'm new to this group but I thought I'd share a few scenes I captured on my honeymoon this year. The Scottish Highlands are absolutely out of this world and so mystical! I am new to traveling, as this was my first trip outside of the United States, but I am eager to keep this new found passion growing.

Any CC's would be...

Chittagong, Bangladesh

New here and I thought I'd like to share some pictures from a recent trip to Chittagong in Bangladesh. As well as visiting a garment factory, the fish market and the places where boats are built and repaired, I was lucky enough to gain access to the notorious ship breaking yards where giant tankers, ferries, container ships and the...

Winona Church & School of Eureka Springs Arkansas

The Winona Church and School is a historic church on Rockhouse Road in Winona Township, Carroll County, Arkansas. The building, a single story wood frame structure with a gable roof, weatherboard siding, and modest Greek Revival styling, was built c. 1890 for use as both a school and a church, a common regional practice of the time. It...

Germany - Düsseldorf

This is Königsallee street in Düsseldorf. what's interesting about this street alongside the beautiful view from bridges is that here is the place where parrots live freely in these trees since a few years ago when they escaped from the zoo.

Island Camping

Hi, I'm Yong, from the Philippines. This photo was taken years ago, where we stayed overnight. What I love about this photo is the Sunset, the sand & the sea. Those three elements go along and loved by everyone. Who does not love sunset on a beach, right? I'm not a pro, I just point & shoot whenever I like it. I did not shoot this RAW...

Amsterdam by night.

New here and wanted to contribute the group. Was on a business trip to Amsterdam last month. Here is a shot from one of my evening walks.
Thanks for looking and commenting if you do.


South Florida

Name is Bill and I recently relocated to the South Florida area. Decided to go out one early morning to shoot the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse just north of Fort Lauderdale and this is one of the shots I came away with.

Buffalo race

Hi, my name is Panca yasa, a Bali 'based travel photographer. I live in the south part of Kuta.
Buffalo race has been an annual event for west part of Bali district, Jembrana regency.
Last month, the event had been followed by more than 165 set of racer that mostly came from the area.

Hi from México!

My name is Eslava I'm 25 years old and I'm a theoretical physicist, a scuba diver, mountain bike rider and a passionate photographer. I'm new in Fstoppers, any comments are welcome! Here is a photo form my hometown San Luis Potosí in México.

The Passion

Sunset at The Twelve Apostles monument near Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia, on this particular summer evening seemed to be a game of cat-and-mouse. The sky went from being perfectly clear in the northwest to seeing some wispy clouds roll in just before the sun sank to the horizon. Then it happened – passion in the sky that was...


I'm Martin. I end up traveling a lot for fun and for work - and I carry around a Sony A7SII, mostly for street photography. While exploring the rice terraces of Bali, Indonesia, I met with two farmers. After speaking with her, I asked this lady if I could take her portrait. She had an entrancing smile.

Crater Lake NP

Crater Lake National Park is a United States National Park located in southern Oregon. It is the deepest lake in the United States, the second-deepest in North America and the ninth-deepest in the world. This is amazing park, with tons of activities and of course fabulous scenery.