4 Light Fountain Shot

I had been dying to shoot at this fountain for years and finally booked a wedding at this venue. I planned this shot for months.

This is a 4 light setup. The key light is an Alien Bees B800 diffused by a 36" octobox. The fountain is backlit by 3 bare speed lights - 1 hidden by the couple and the other 2 to the right and left of the...

Bride & Groom First Dance

Would love reactions to this photo. I have shot a few wedding for friends and family, I want to know if I should branch out and take actual paying clients? Thanks for any input.

Editing Style: Go for one look, or go for a range?

I often see wedding photographers' websites in which ALL of the photos have this certain "look". Page after page on their site and everything is either drab, grey and moody, or washed out and pastelly, or some other preset "style". Maybe this is a brilliant business decision as it gives potential clients a very clear idea what they are buying...

Said the King: "Be My Queen"

I'm new to the wedding photography process....the more I do the more I realize I don't know. I'd love to hear some reactions to this shot, from overall presentation to the minute details...how 'bout a comment?

Horrid location, miracle result

Hey guys,

So my wedding two wks ago, during bridal prep, I asked my bride where the dress was, so I could get dress shots.

She answered "in the basement, in the very back bedroom.

Not even kidding, a TINY DARK basement bedroom, with an accordion door, no windows,,,,,,and I wasn't allowed to take dress elsewhere.


OPINION: How moody is TOO moody for weddings

I've noticed a ton of wedding photographers have a similar style (bright and blown out). I understand it's a standard because weddings are meant to be bright and happy. However, for some clients I feel capturing a specific mood to the couple's personality is an important aspect of being considered a professional.

This recent wedding I...

Hi! I'm new to the group and aspiring wedding photographer. Samples from my third wedding gig.

I'm aspiring to do more work as a wedding photographer. My background is in portrait/headshot, food, product, and family photography and finding a good base as a wedding photographer. I'm still playing with style and as mentioned by other photographers in the group, the trend seems to be bright and blown out. I'm hoping there's room for...

Mysterious Light!

In this Video I have explain how I shot this Photo with this Mysterious Light!
I know for someone it looks "Hard" to figure it out how did I use this kind of Light, but watch this Video and you will see it is so Easy...!