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Wildebeests at Sunset

The dry season makes for less dramatic photography in the sense that the wildebeest migration is already done and over with, but it does mean that you get the savannah without the tall grass to hide the animals at a distance, which helped with this image.

Taken with a Nikon D5 and a Nikkor 24-70 using bracketing.


I'll admit, a lot of this image is thanks to luck as I was sitting looking through a window under the water and just hoping that someone would jump/swim into this shaft of light and not be blocked by another swimmer or bubbles. Finally worked out after about 45 minutes of waiting.

Full bloom

Instagram and twitter are popular in Japan, but the place to critique pictures is not taken root. So I tried participating in this community!

It is a picture of a rice paddy that is in contact with the ocean, and it will be in a state of a water glass only during the spring rice planting in one year.
Sunset also sinks in this...