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Backlit branches - detail shot with shallow DOF - split toned

There was some really heavy fog around town earlier this week so I took off to Skyline to see what I could find. But the open spaces were all well above the fog and bathed in clear blue winter skies! Not my favorite ; ) But I went for a short hike anyway and found some detail shots with nice backlight and morning dew. Only this one of a few...

Lonely tree

Picture took during sunrise at Llyn Padarn in Snowdonia. Thankfully got there before other photographers and managed to get the shot. It is a two shot image so I could fit all the reflection and all the tree in. Any bit of the tree being clipped out would not of been good enough! feel free to comment.

Citizen from Nice- France

Here it is my first contribution to this group.

I'm Stephan, a French candid street photographer and i live in Nice.
I am passionate about everyday people and my favorite playground are authentic public places, mostly old markets. I find people naturally beautiful, expressive, touching, and I'm attached to their faces so full of...

Architectural Details in B+W

Hi all, first post!

These are some details I shot of a public building in Melbourne, Aus. I processed them as B+W as the interior colour scheme was super hectic. The intention was to abstract the building in such a way that the details could be read simply as shapes and lines, and maybe interpreted as something else entirely. Hope you...

Fall and winter in Tuscany

Morning shot of la Verna, a mountain in east Tuscany. I consider this one of the last shots of the fall now that the higher mountain tops are getting filled up with snow. The height of la Verna is 1200m and the forground is about a 1000m and where I was is around 700m. This why this gives a interesting perspective. It's not a composit.


More on Cricket Season

More on my recent post on it being the cricket season in Australia here are some more pics from my archives taken at Adelaide Oval.When the umpires walk out onto the ground to start a game they leave the brand new cricket ball on the ground for the players to pick up. The ball is colloquially sometimes called "the Cherry" , "the Agget" and...

A few autumnal pictures in Normandy

I live near Paris, but Normandy is only an hour away. Unfortunately the sea is further (about 2h30) so I don't often go there (for winter wild weather I'll try my luck though). However the inland forests and the meanders of the Seine river offer some nice spots. It's never very wild (I used to live in Grenoble near the Alps so I miss it), but...

Dusting off old pictures

recently I've been browsing through my old pictures, taken with a Canon PowerShot SX260 HS, a 20x zoom 1/2.3" compact camera. I took those pictures from mid-2011 to early 2013 while living in Melbourne. With a bit of post processing, I think some of them are keepers. Landscape photos weren't that great, but for wildlife or abstract it...

Photographing historic villages

it's my first post in this group. I'm not into urban photography, but I travel to a lot of historic villages, I've done it for years all over France mainly, with no real photographic eye. Some are lucky compositions, most are snapshots. My experience though is that it's quite difficult. The tentation first is to take it all in one...

Why you should go to Tasmania

Hi everyone,
although I'm French and live near Paris (not ideal for landscapes), I've lived for a couple of years in Melbourne, Australia. I fell in love with Tasmania, where there is a strong community of bushwalkers (don't call them hikers they hate it). For some reason, I've never seen any images of Tasmania on the various photography...