10 Great Photography Ideas to Try in 2020

Viral sensation, Jordi Koalitic, is back with some more unique photography concepts for you to try, and as always, they're pretty damn good.

I was introduced to Koalitic's work a few months back when every Facebook page in existence was sharing some of his work in one way or another. Now, he seems to be releasing video after video of behind the scenes content which is both educational and fascinating. Just yesterday I shared his video of 10 photography ideas to try around the home and now we're going a little bit more outlandish.

Many photographers are getting creative at the moment and trying to do a lot with a little, with varying degrees of success, but Koalitic just seems to be able to churn out incredible content continuously. The standout idea for me in this video is the book shot with the pages flying around the subject in an atmospheric warehouse. While the visual concept isn't unique perhaps, most iterations of this idea are composites done using Photoshop and a lot of layers. To see it pulled off entirely in-camera and with minimal equipment is impressive.

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Matthew Gormley's picture

Great idea to melt your lens!

C Fisher's picture

Gotta love the practical effects 👌