10 Photo Ideas for While You're Stuck at Home

Many of us are struggling to come up with ideas for photos while stuck in the house, so any suggestions are warmly welcomed!

I said recently that it feels as if the level of creativity has gone through the rough with most countries enforcing quarantine of some description. Without the freedom to roam or the distractions of socializing, many creatives are having to work hard to generate interesting content within the confines of their own home. One person who really hasn't changed how he works and seems bizarrely well suited for such difficulties is Jordi Koalitic. In all likelihood, you've seen something of his before. He's become a viral sensation with his close up, wide angle shots depicting ordinary scenes in unusual and attractive ways.

In this video he goes over 10 shoot ideas you can try at home and to be honest with you, none of them require much preparation! Nevertheless, they're eye-catching and memorable images.

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Andy Day's picture

Never seen a dog so excited about ironing.

Dave McDermott's picture

I love the shot with the flowers. Actually there are lots of other things that could be attached to the lens.

mcgillivraybirniephotography's picture

awesome ideas

R. John Anderson's picture

good stuff!