The Top Five Reasons Most YouTube Videos Are Unwatchable

Watch most YouTube videos today, and you'll see there are a ton of flashy transitions and over-the-top editing designed to keep your attention. This hilarious video pokes fun at current YouTube trends.

Warning: As with most Camera Conspiracies videos, there's a healthy dose of profanity in this one.

Coming to you from Camera Conspiracies, this hilarious video points out everything wrong with YouTube today, including all the seemingly arbitrary and unnecessary cuts and edits down to the overly tedious sequences that seem like a tremendous amount of work to create for the result. If you spend any time watching videos on YouTube, you're sure to recognize at least some of these common techniques. 

 I have to admit that I mostly agree with him. It seems as if educational videos borrowed a bit too much from vlogs, and what works in the latter doesn't always translate so well to the former. I also have a very similar reaction as he does whenever I see a sequence of someone walking along: all I can think about is how much work it was to walk 10 feet, move the tripod, rinse, and repeat. But hey, if you're making videos, you do what you think is best. And he makes a good point: audiences have short attention spans, and a lot of these techniques are made to keep them engaged. 

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Jer Tobin's picture

Just a random tip for everyone: Stop presenting yourselves as the gatekeepers of comedy and what's valuable to people and making a pompous ass out of yourself in the process.

You think something sucks. OK, cool, but guess what? Literally zero people care that you personally don't like subjective material that you feel so strongly that your opinion is correct and need to argue about it because your ego demands it.

Just go shoot stuff.

Alex Cooke's picture

This. So much this.

How ironic that this article about unwatchable youtube videos is completely unwatchable. I couldn't get halfway though the video before having to turn it off...