Photographer Documents New York's Streets and Parks Through the Seasons

Photographer Documents New York's Streets and Parks Through the Seasons

A British photographer has been documenting New York City since the day she moved there. With her archive now including photos during all seasons and from both the street and the sky, we’re showcasing some of her best work.

Check out some of her incredible work.

Clare, who is also an actress, has a collection so vast that now includes everything from portrait, to street, to landscape images. Her shots capture the various characters of the city and everything it has to offer, from its parks to its streets. One personal favorite shows Central Park by night, illuminated in orange streetlight, with snowfall on the ground. Another catches a downtown bar hanging fairy lights from its front entrance, attached to nearby lampposts. Clare says her inspiration comes from her love of storytelling.

Speaking to PetaPixel, she recalls:

The first shot was taken on my first morning in New York (where I’d moved on a total whim from London not knowing a single soul in the country, let alone city… and the last was taken exactly a year later after being well and truly adopted by the Big Apple!

As well as her documentary pictures of NYC, Clare also specializes in portraits and travel photography. See more of her work at her website and Instagram.

All images courtesy, and used with permission of, Marielle Clare.

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Stas Aleksandersson's picture

Is she the only one who has been documenting New York City or why did her photos make an article?

Jim Cutler's picture

Why not? I like them. Lots of people shoots NYC. This looks like one photographer's view of her adopted city.

Logan Newberg's picture

You probably would've said the same thing if they did choose someone else. You sound a bit salty.

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

You’re right, I probably would. But not because I’m hating but I guess to be featured the photos have to be incredible, and these photos while good are far from incredible.

Vladimir Vcelar's picture

I envy you Americans! Here in South Africa, we have only two seasons: hotter than hell that you can cook steaks on the vehicle's bonnet, and then we have the pouring rainy season where the wind blows so hard, even your false teeth get whipped out your mouth! Assuming you don't drown first! And no, there's no gradual seasonal change either, one day you're sweating buckets, and the next you're dodging lightning bolts!

Frances G's picture

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