Photography YouTuber Shares First Photo Assignment to Subscribers

How are you keeping your creative juices flowing during the quarantine? Are you finding yourself in an endless loop of switching between social media apps, convincing yourself to do work, only to be left in front of the fridge for unnecessary snacking? Keep your skills sharp with some photography challenges! Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography posed the first part of many photography challenges to his 600k+ subscribers during the quarantine. 

In his video, titled "Photo Assignment #1, Part 1," he shows reference photos to his subscribers to show how some of his favorite photographers have experimented with and played with natural light. Among them was Josef Sudek, who was nicknamed the "Poet of Prague." Sudek would photograph everyday items in his home studio using light as the main hero of each image, often, playing with it to create refractions and reflections in things like glasses of water to create a stunning image. 

His first assignment is assumed to be a two-parter. The first step? Take note of the amount of natural light coming in through a window in your house. Pick a window, any window. Photograph the amount of light shining through once an hour. He notes that you can take a still or a portrait, and you're able to change angles every hour, but regardless, suggests you use a tripod. 

Will you be taking part in this photo challenge series? Personally, I'm excited to see what comes in from his subscribers. Stay tuned for any updates!

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