24 Hours Only: Save $100 Off Peter Hurley's Headshot and Lighting Tutorials

As announced in yesterday's sale, Fstoppers is having a 24 hour sale on our tutorials every day leading up to Christmas.  For today's deal we have persuaded Peter Hurley to offer $100 off both of his acclaimed tutorials The Art Behind the Headshot and Illuminating the Face.  This sale even beats our current "Buy both for $450" sale and marks the lowest price you have ever been able to buy both at one time. You can find the discount code in the post below.

If you are trying to chose between the two different tutorials, The Art Behind the Headshot focuses on interacting with your clients and positioning them to make their facial features look the best they possibly can (think jawline, eyes, nose, hair, shoulders, etc).  Illuminating the Face is a completely different beast altogether as Peter explorers basically every single flash light modifier, and he shows you how you can achieve different lighting styles on your model's faces.  

If you are not familiar with the amazing work and techniques of Peter Hurley, definitely check out the promo trailers of each of his training series below:

The Art Behind the Headshot Trailer

Illuminating the Face Trailer

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Jason Ranalli's picture

Not to sound like a shill, but I finally broke down and bought these two the last time they were on sale together...they did not disappoint.

I don't think there are too many other videos out there where photographers are shown working with their actual clients. The Headshot video deliberately ignores a lot of the technical aspects and really tunes into client interaction and pulling the best out of them.

Then when you think Peter is only just a master psychology that prods folks into a good expression you watch Illuminating the Face and you realize what a technical master this guy really is...he only dumbed it down for the first video! To see side by side comparisons of these modifiers and the tweaks for them in the format it was presented was beyond helpful. I never could really understand the relevance of the inverse square law until I saw how Peter laid it out WHY we care about it. This really made it all "click" for me...I was previously just throwing up umbrellas and softboxes and sometimes getting lucky and sometimes not.