How To Choose the Right Godox Modifier for Your Photography

The number of affordable lighting products available from Godox has exploded in the last few years. If you’re not sure which modifier will best suit your work, check out this in-depth video to help you make your choice.

Godox flashes offer an excellent price-to-performance ratio but as with many modifier manufacturers, the array of products with subtle differences can be confusing. This video from Hypop runs through various softboxes and other modifiers from Godox and gives you a brief idea of how to put them to good use.

It’s great to see Godox making slightly more obscure modifiers such as its Collapsible Lantern which is far more portable than the now-discontinued Profoto Pro Globe. I recall renting the Pro Globe about fifteen years ago to replicate street lamps while photographing underneath an overpass and the new collapsible versions of these Chinese lantern-style modifiers seem much more convenient (once you have it set up, at least!), as well as being far more affordable. 

If you’re struggling to figure out whether to choose an umbrella, an octagon softbox, or an umbrella softbox, B&H Photo has kindly put together this handy guide that runs you through how they differ and how each is suited to different situations depending on aspects such as portability, wind, softness, directionality, and controlling unwanted light bouncing around your scene.

How would you rate Godox’s light modifiers? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hector Belfort's picture

Godox could do with clearly outlining which light modifier requires which adapter to connect to which flash.

Chris Rogers's picture

The P90L is friggin awesome if you have the space to use it.