How to Create Effective Overhead Product Lighting

Even if it is not your specialty, product photography is a fantastic way to practice creating precisely crafted lighting. This great video will show you how to create a versatile overhead product lighting setup that you can use on a variety of items and vary to your personal taste.

Coming to you from Matt Esteron with Aputure, this excellent video will show you how to create a versatile and good-looking overhead product lighting setup. Product photography is a great thing to try right now if you are stuck at home and looking for something to keep your skills sharp, especially as it will challenge your precision lighting and editing capabilities. Be sure to notice that in addition to the lighting, Esteron chooses a dark, reflective surface on which to place the products. This gives a nice symmetry to the shot and adds a bit of character and style. Just be careful when mounting the light overhead and be sure to practice proper safety procedures, as they can be rather cumbersome when in such a position. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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