Lightroom's Eight Highly Useful View Modes

Most of us use only two or three view modes while working in Lightroom, but the program actually has eight in total, and they are highly useful for both culling and organizing your photos as well as editing them. If you are unfamiliar with all eight view modes, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you where to find them and how to incorporate them into your workflow. 

Coming to you from Anthony Morganti, this excellent video tutorial will show you the eight different view modes in Lightroom and how to use them. One I have always find especially useful is survey mode, especially when culling with clients. Giving clients the ability to see all their shots at once and gradually eliminate those they do not like seems to be a very natural way for them to approach a process they are not as familiar with as us and helps to take away some of the pressure from evaluating all the tiniest minutiae of each individual image. This is important, as it can be a bit paralyzing and can also be a bit difficult for clients to analyze their own face in so much detail, and that really isn't what we want them to do anyway. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Morganti.

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