Is the Fujifilm X100V a Secret Macro Camera?

Fujifilm’s X100 line has been one of the most popular compact camera choices over the last decade. Even diehard shooters of other brands buy one for their everyday carrying. Starting with the X100 in 2010, the series is now in its fifth iteration with the X100V. 

The X100V boasts some impressive features, including a leaf shutter, a fast 23mm f/2 Fujinon lens, and Fujifilm’s famous range of JPG film simulations. What you may not know about the X100V is that it can focus at a distance of just 10 cm (4 inches). 

In his latest video, Harmeet Gabha brilliantly demonstrates this short focusing distance using Lego figurines as models. Moving the camera closer and closer to the figurines, Gabha takes a series of photos showing just how close the X100V can focus. He then contrasts this by showing us the same concept with the Fujifilm X-T3 with the 23mm f/1.4 lens attached. 

The difference between the two cameras is incredible when you see the images, despite the fact they both have 23mm Fujinon lenses. 

Is the Fujifilm X100V a secret macro camera? From the look of these photos, it certainly does deliver results that have a macro look to them. Check out the video for yourself to see the intriguing results. 

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Matt Murray is a travel, portrait and stock photographer from Brisbane, Australia.

Matt is an avid film photographer and hosts an analogue photography podcast 'Matt Loves Cameras' featuring reviews of classic film and instant cameras.

Matt also hosts a new photography YouTube channel Matt Loves Cameras.

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Pretty nice. Had the x100f, which focuses nearly the same, but the lens was poor at that distance, one had to close the aperture to f5.6 to get decent sharpness on you subject, and the background already got quite distracting sometimes. As this lens should be much sharper overall it's nice for a quick near macro shot.

PS: I sold my Fuji and bought a Leica Q2 (after owning and selling a second hand Q), which has a macro mode and offers way much sharper images, but the price difference probably keep most people off buying one.

Nice! I had the X100F too but have recently upgraded to the X100V, looking forward to testing it out at macro distances! I'd love a Leica myself, maybe one day!

The macro ability of the X100V really makes it feel like a smartphone replacement - and I mean that in a very good way! It's compact enough to take anywhere and captures great images at every shooting distance.

Absolutely, and it is now even better with the ability to be weather resistant!

That's a good practical demonstration of the principle. Such a massive difference between the two 23mm lenses.

Yes indeed, it's one thing reading the minimum focus distance, but it's another to see it in action.