Company Behind Leading ‘DSLR-Quality’ iPhone Add-On Camera Files for Bankruptcy

Company Behind Leading ‘DSLR-Quality’ iPhone Add-On Camera Files for Bankruptcy

DxO Labs, who are responsible for manufacturing the DxO One add-on, have announced that they have no plans to continue producing the camera after filing for bankruptcy earlier this year.

Digital Trends reports that the company's bankruptcy is lasting longer than originally planned.

Upon its release, the DxO ONE Digital Connected Camera was billed as being able to produce “DSLR-quality shots,” and attached quite simply to phones. With a f/1.8-11 aspherical lens and 1-inch format 20.2-megapixel sensor, it trumps the iPhone in quality. It even boasts a SuperRAW mode which "takes four raw images and merges them into one to bring you beautifully dynamic photos, even in extremely low light."

Although the company stopped selling the first generation of the camera back in March, there has previously been no official statement about its fate going forward.

It’s reported remaining units will continue to be shipped until stock runs out, and retailers will continue to offer support for users. At the time of writing, the camera is still listed on B&H’s website.

Updates to the DxO brought with them the ability to stream on Facebook Live, as well as being able to shoot without the piece being physically attached to an iPhone.

Moving forward, the company says it plans to focus on software, with no current proposals for any further hardware.

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Michael Yearout's picture

I do so hope DxO survives. The rescued Nik filters from Google (who was letting the software die a slow death) and just released a new version that is compatible with Photoshop CC 2018 a few days ago. And I really like their PhotoLab software.

Jon Tascon's picture

I also hope Dr. Adoda survives.

I thought their data was fos. I couldnt give a rats asz if they close shop.

Michael Yearout's picture

As you are a "Jedi Master" one would think you would have more profound thoughts.

They are the dark side. Capitalistic companies who arent truthful must be destroyed. They gave scres based on how much money they were payed

Michael Yearout's picture

Ummm. Say what? You're not making sense.

When theyll be no more it will make a lot of sense.

Gary Pageau's picture

Sad. I really like my DxO One.

I never was that impressed with the DxO add-on camera. I found that the images had the same "crumbly" effect my phone's native camera had. I got way better results using stacking apps like Cortext and Hydra.