Photographer Posts Picture of Himself and Girlfriend Naked, in Sexual Position on Top of Pyramid, Prompts Investigation by Egyptian Authorities [NSFW]

Photographer Posts Picture of Himself and Girlfriend Naked, in Sexual Position on Top of Pyramid, Prompts Investigation by Egyptian Authorities [NSFW]

Danish photographer Andreas Hvid seems to be in hot water after he and his girlfriend scaled an Egyptian pyramid and took video and pictures of themselves naked and in a sexual position. 

Hvid originally posted a three-minute video that showed him and his girlfriend scaling the Great Pyramid of Giza at night, which ends with a photograph of the two of them in a naked embrace. The video has since been taken down, though the full version of the photo seen in the tweet below still remains on Hvid's website

Egyptian authorities have called the stunt a violation of public morality and have oscillated between condemning it and claiming it's fake, though some have said the video appears to be real and claims of it being faked are likely to draw attention away from poor security at the pyramids, which have come under scrutiny for being neglected in the recent past. 

Hvid is known for posting such work from high atop landmarks, sometimes with nudity. He has expressed that he's "sad that so many people have become so angry," but that he also has received positive feedback from some Egyptian citizens. He added that he and his girlfriend did not engage in any actual sexual acts and that he does not plan to return to the country for fear of consequences. 

Lead image by Nina Aldin Thune, used under Creative Commons.

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Giving the amount of negative feedbacks he actually showed something and made a point, which many times, is art and the artist intention: bitching for a goddamn photo that does not even affect your culture, when with a high degree of certainty I can say that we all have at least one time in our life disrespected another culture or an entire population. Just any single electronic device you own, most probably was made with Coltan that costed someone else life, but since is far from your goddamn social media screen, it's all fine.
Personally cultures are man made and them all rise and fall. The value is established by human, therefore there is not actual value at all. Otherwise where do you draw the line about respecting cultures? That's bad, but infibulation intolerance is good? But sure can hurt feelings. Lot of things hurt feelings, and feelings are personal. So the hurting should be kept, personal. Don't look at other country cultural problems. Start to look closer and if you really care, know more about the products that you consume every single day. At least one of it, killed someone somewhere.

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