Skylum Introduces AI-Augmented Tool to Create Sky Based Composites

Skylum Introduces AI-Augmented Tool to Create Sky Based Composites

Skylum has announced its latest update for editing suite Luminar, introducing several improvements and a brand new feature: AI-Augmented Sky. 

In the latest 4.2 version, Luminar is revealing its new tool that allows photographers and editors to create digital art by placing various objects directly on the sky. Creatives can choose to either use it as a tool to add realistic details to enhance the image or to develop it into a more surreal image that is entering the realms of digital art. Users will find the new AI-Augmented Sky tool in the Creative tab after updating the editing suite to the latest version.

The new tool promises to work seamlessly with complex backgrounds without the necessity to use masking or layers. The software automatically detects sky in the photograph and adds the chosen element, such as the moon or aurora lights, onto the sky area. Using content-aware technologies, the software considers foreground objects and naturally blends the selected element with the sky. Users can also control the placement of the added element by dragging it to the chosen location. Dima Sytnyk, the co-founder and chief product officer of Skylum, explains that this tool "can be used to make everything from subtle tweaks, like moving the moon in the sky, or to totally transform the world around us. The possibilities are endless!"

Furthermore, Luminar 4.2 allows users to restore skin in overly shiny areas of subjects' faces as well as to slim them. The enhanced Face Features Detection Neural Network provides better automation for editing portraits, by detecting faces that are in different positions, such as tilted, in unusual angles, badly lit, partially hidden, and with heavy makeup. The technology can detect people of various skin hues or any age and even spots faces in group photos. 

The newly added Shine Removal Technology tool reduces excessive shine on forehead or cheeks. This is done through restoration of the skin on the patches that were hit by excessive light and automatic generation of skin that appears realistic and blends in with the rest of the face. The improved Slim Face 2.0 Technology, which you can find in AI Portrait Enhancer, creates a proportionately smaller and slimmer face. This tool previously only worked with the lower part of one's face, thus sometimes creating an unrealistic finish. 

Additionally, other tool and performance improvements include changes made to ML Cache, which will increase the efficiency and speed of interaction with the machine's processor, improved Relight Scene tool, and various updates specific to Windows users, such as preview preset multithreading and third-party plugin implementation. 

Luminar 4.2 update is free to all existing Luminar 4 users. If you are a new user and wish to purchase this editing suite, you can buy Luminar for $89 and receive the $49 Inspiration Looks pack for free as a bonus. You can also upgrade to the Plus Edition, which includes Luminar 4, the Inspiration Looks pack, and California Sunset skies pack for $99 or opt for a bundle that includes all of the Plus Edition and also Aurora HDR 2019 for $169. If you have any additional questions about the software, you can browse the Luminar 4 user manual or visit the Skylum website

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You could argue that this level of AI - 'augmented skies', is helpful in creating a kind of art, (cheap and easy art)... but it isn't photography.

Oh yeees!

4.2 is broken. Don't update

UPDATE: support is working on this bug...

4.2 worked for me on a Mac. If you are using a Mac you might need to re-install the plugin. If you are using a PC check with support.

Luca I also launched 4.2 (on a Mac) and did a couple quick edits with no problems. Can you share more details?

Out of curiosity, I tried this feature and the result was horrible - but I made it complicated with actual tree branches and complicated skyline. Maybe it works better for more wide open landscapes but I'm not convinced.