Sony Has Overtaken Nikon for the Number Two Spot Worldwide

Sony Has Overtaken Nikon for the Number Two Spot Worldwide

Sony's results for the 2018 fiscal year recently came out, and among a lot of insightful data on the inner workings of their imaging business is one particularly important detail: the company has now overtaken Nikon for the number two spot worldwide.

The news came in the 2018 fiscal year report, which shows that Sony held 19% of the 1,400 billion yen interchangeable lens camera market in the 2017 fiscal year by revenue (unsurprisingly, they were first in mirrorless), which was good enough for third place globally. In the 2018 fiscal year, that share increased to 23% of a 1,300 billion yen ILC market, vaulting the company ahead of Nikon for second overall by revenue globally. They also maintained their overall lead in mirrorless cameras. As you might have noticed, the overall market for interchangeable lens camera shrunk by about 7%, a figure that while sad, is not particularly surprising. Similarly, the global video camera market shrunk from 390 billion yen to 300 billion yen, while Sony maintained their 29% share of revenue from the previous fiscal year. Despite the shrinking size of the global market, it's good to see Sony making additional progress, as it'll surely keep the pressure on other manufacturers to keep innovating. 

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"They listen to their customers" Like all camera manufacturers more or less. Sony isn't anything different in that regard. Where is the A7000? Where are the fast APS-C zoom lenses? An A7 body with good ergonomics for larger lenses? Things their customers are asking for year after year. Sony does nice things but is far from perfect like you imply.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

In case you haven't noticed, Sony has progressed much more than the others, which implies they listen more. They didn't climb up the ranks just from doing "nice things".

Sorry, didn't mean to insult the religion. And yes, I have noticed but aren't that impressed. Sorry.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

It's just a camera, man, it's just a camera. On the same token, gotta keep the fake news at bay.

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"They listen to their customers."
If that were true Sony cameras wouldn't have that shit-ass menu system. Even Olympus's menu system has better logic, and that's a fucking chore.

Well, I thought it couldn't get worse than my Sony, when someone showed me a Nikon camera and found it baffingly puzzling. When I figured that one out, somebody showed me a Canon 80d and a 6de and was amazed how few things you could customise. I couldn't find anything I needed.
The 80d was much easier than the
Some time later, somebody showed me a Fuji xt1 and I found that illogical too.
The more you can choose, the harder it gets to find stuff.
I don't like the Sony menus but neither did I like the Fuji, Canon and Nikon menus.
Maybe I hate all menus, maybe it is just that the easiest is the menu you are used to.

Spy Black's picture

"Maybe I hate all menus..."

Perhaps so. ;-)

I've work now with Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, and Sony cameras, and the only menu system as annoyingly close to the Sony is the Olympus, but even that is far more manageable.

Of course different strokes for different folks, but most of the people who own or use Sony's agree that he menu system is shit.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Anyone with half a brain can work Sony's menu system. You'd have to an idiot or a constant complainer to be struggling with it.

Spy Black's picture

Yes, anyone with half a brain can work the Sony menu system. Anyone with a whole brain knows that everyone else has better menus systems and move on to them...

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Well, apparently, knowing and actually knowing you don't know much. It could very well be other menu systems are better. That isn't the issue. The issue is the knuckledraggers that make it harder than it really is.

Spy Black's picture

The song remains the same, and it's a well documented issue. Your precious Sony menu system sucks, but I'm happy for you that you get along with it. I dumped it and moved on.

Olympus menu is fairly easy. You just need to take some time to set it up. Everything is programmable. Sony menu isn’t hard just different. After a month or so I don’t even have to think. Lol plus you have the. Custom setups so it should be way easier once you set those up.

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Yes it's not horrible, some of the terminology is stupid, but it's functional, and certainly has better logic than the Sony clusterfuck.

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I've been using Sony since their first A7 release. They implement sophisticated algorithms for animal eye detection, for instance, but yet you are limited to a 30s shutter speed. It would be so simple to add the ability to set your own shutter speed and get rid of external shutter release devices.

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It's the playmobil effect. Lot's of children played with when they we're young. Now it's time for a new toy :-)

Problem is, unlike Sony, Nikon doesn't diversify their business into other areas, so of course Sony is in a better position, both financially and technically.

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Maybe companies (like Nikon and Canon) need to go the Minolta route first in order to be really innovative again because there is a business threatening factor then that had taken over the arrogance factor of once being the most powerfull camera manufacturer. Look at Nokia for phones, same thing. Or Sega. Apple, now the most valuable company outthere I believe, was close to bankrupcy once. But they worked hard and innovate so long and so much combined with smart marketing. Canon (and perhaps Nikon) should go bankrupt first maybe in order to become innovative and groundbreaking again. Question is: what needs to be done to get Canon bankrupt in order to be innovative again?

I am a new Sony adopter. I chose a couple of A6300. I am recovering from being an Olympus shooter. For me it goes Sony, Fuji, Olympus. Canon and Nikon are not even in the same league. To little to late. I use to shoot 5d and 80d. I bled canon. They are to late to the game and it took me a while to get on the Mirrorless bandwagon. Still think micro 4/3 is a hell of a system but for low light it sucks. The aps-c seems to give the best bang in size and IQ. The old top two may go out of the camera business they aren’t innovative right now!

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Great progress from Sony since they focused on the mirrorless market. And they've taken many Nikon and Sony shooters, but for me they still have a bit more to convince me to move from Canon.

Since Nikon can't exist without Sony (same keiretsu?), shouldn't they be considered the same company?

.... And there's another report that nikon z sales are ticking up while Sony's a line has stated to slow. Who to believe

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Who to believe you ask? Definitely not the anonymous commenter with zero accolades to backup his claim. :P