The Best 20 Sports Images of the Decade

The Best 20 Sports Images of the Decade

As the bells chimed to bring in the new year, we said sayonara to the second decade of this century. And didn’t we see some iconic sports moments during that time? Here are 20 of the best.  

Whenever one year ends and a new one begins, we always get the usual "best of" stories and memories to look back on. But when a decade ends we get ten times the value, so expect to be inundated with “the decade’s best (insert here)” in the coming weeks. You can count sports among the topics to be included in that list. 

Overnight, Fox Sports Australia released its best 20 images of the decade. Fear not, the images are not restricted to weird, esoteric Australian sports like cricket that will make no sense to anyone who didn’t grow up screaming “crikey” along with the late, great Steve Irwin. 

They are a great mix of global images that show the beauty of the moment, the incredible skills of the respective photographers to capture those moments, and the power of that images still convey. My personal favorite is definitely the one showing Lionel Messi celebrating a goal while his great rival Christiano Ronaldo looks on disconsolately. 

The only criticism I could make is that most images seem to come from the back half of the decade, as if the curators could barely remember anything before 2015. 

Take a look and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And happy New Year everyone!

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Iain Stanley is an Associate Professor teaching photography and composition in Japan. He has presented at conferences globally and written for numerous international publications. To learn more about his work, his life in Japan, or how he plans to semi-retire at 64, check out his writing on Medium by clicking the website link above.

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Although we didn't start with year 0 in our current CE calendar, psychologically and logically the decades start with 0 and end at 9.
You're both correct, but saying the 2020's start at 2021 doesn't make sense

Geez mate, these are cracker images, ken bewdy!

Hahaha are you taking the pi$$ out of my Aussieness or are you celebrating some of these Aussie shots?

That's 'our' Aussieness

Not a lot to celebrate over there at the moment (minus the cricket)....horrible goings on. But there are some crackers in these shots. I had another squiz and I reckon the AFL forearm to the snoz has to be my pick

Right now 'tis a festering pile of shite. Can't go outside, without being choked by smoke. So many places I love turned to ashes, people losing their homes. This is disaster on an unimaginable scale. We were warned, and yet we did it anyway.

Yeah mate I grew up in Cronulla and have a huge amount of friends who’ve relocated down the south coast of NSW. All have evacuated and a few are on the verge of losing the lot. A couple have already lost 2nd houses down’s incredible to think they started up on the Goldy in September when I was back home, and have continued since....that’s near on 4 months with perhaps the worst yet to come. If only ‘thoughts and prayers’ could be converted to water tanks.....

Fear not, the images are not restricted to weird, esoteric American sports like American Football that will make no sense to anyone who didn’t grow up screaming “Y'all”.

Haha touche