Hat Mask Clips: Kickstarter Campaign Begins Now

My new product, Hat Mask Clips, is now live on Kickstarter

Unlike the Fstoppers Flash Disc, Hat Mask Clips weren't made exclusively for photographers, but photographers may still use them. Like me, you probably have to wear a mask every day, even when you're on a photo or video gig, and Hat Mask Clips may make dealing with your mask a little easier.

Ironically, these were designed by two photographers. I teamed up with Andres Moline to create these. Not only is he an incredible macro photographer, but he also owns a product development company. 

What Is It?

Hat Mask Clips allow you to attach and store your mask in your hat. Each order of Hat Mask Clips comes with four clips and two custom masks. 
 If you wear a hat anyway, this is the easiest way to remember and quickly access your mask.

About the Clips

You'll never have to worry about mask discomfort again. The entire hat holds the mask in place rather than pulling on your ears. You won't ever feel the clips or the mask. 
The clips grip the inside and outside of the hat to ensure they never fall off. They are designed to be so thin and light that you can permanently leave a set on every hat. You'll never notice they're there. 

Works With Any Hat or Mask

Hat Mask Clips are designed to work with every baseball style hat for men women or children. The clips also work with any ear-loop style mask. 
You probably have a mask you like, and it will work with our clips, but we've designed our own mask that's included in each order. 

Our Custom Mask

Our mask was designed to be the most comfortable mask on your face or above your head. Our mask is black on black and is without any distracting logos or goofy features. When you're wearing it, the mask will hold its shape without smashing your face, and when it's inside the hat, you won't even notice it. 
 We found the factory that is currently making high-end $15 masks for Target, and they agreed to make a custom version just for us that will fit both men and women. 

Order Contents

Each order of Hat Mask Clips comes with four clips and two custom masks. Chances are, you have more than one hat, and if you do, you're going to want a set of clips for each one. 


When Hat Mask Clips are sold in retails stores (four clips and two masks), we plan to sell them for the cost of two high-quality masks, $30.  But if you preorder on Kickstarter right now, you can save a ton. Check out all of the deals on the campaign page

About Marquese Scott

Marquese Scott is one of the most talented dancers on the planet and has been in countless ad campaigns for many of the world's largest brands. I've been a fan of Marquese for over 10 years now, and I was thrilled when he agreed to be a part of this video. Check out Marquese on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

Pointless or Genius?

I know the response to Hat Mask Clips is going to be controversial. Half of my closest friends think they're going to completely fail, and the other half think they're going to make a million bucks. Even I have absolutely no idea what the response will be. All I know is that I've been using Hat Mask Clips for months now, and they actually work. Once I clipped my mask to my hat, I never forgot it again. I also never had ear pain again (especially during some recent coast-to-coast flights). 

Even if the campaign fails, I've had a blast designing the product with Andres and filming the promo video with Marquese. Now that Hat Mask Clips are up for sale, my work is finished. It's time to sit back and see how the market reacts. 

Lee Morris's picture

Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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Nice Idea, Lee! I might be your first order(literally). Running audio on set last week and wearing headphones was a killer by the end of the day with mask straps behind my ears. Glad to support a fellow South Carolinian as well!

Thanks for the support!

It certainly looks better than wearing a mask under your chin

From having a covid denier partner (Patrick) to making a product capitalizing on covid. Nice.

Patrick was the soy boy who was too scared to leave the house because of covid.

"The flu is way more deadly"🤔

lol. Ya, he was wrong about that one.

Are the rainbow dreads included?

*Dreads and dance moves not included

To another important thing, when is there a new "Corona Virus Update"? :)

So basically like this product that already exists (which seems better because it places the straps lower) - https://www.neweracap.com/All-Headwear/NEW-ERA-MASK-CLIPS/p/60113159

Also, paperclips.

If you want plastic extensions that fold out over your ears then yes, that one is much better.

This "kickstarter" is already dead since every country now goes switching to mandatory FFP2 masks ...

Ya it's totally dead