OnePlus 5 Unboxing and First Look

It was less than a year ago I sat here and told you guys about the brilliant Google Pixel and how it was truly an iPhone killer for those wanting to give Android a go. The way manufacturers are building incredible hardware around Google's Android system is far better than it was years ago, and today OnePlus is doing just that with their brand new OnePlus 5

A true powerhouse with the most up to date specs on the market paired with a super simple UI making it lightning fast for taking photos and capturing the perfect shot anywhere. Sure, we have read this before but I have had the last few days to play with the phone and can truly say, this thing is just badass. I legit stopped what I was doing and yelled at my iPhone as the finger print scanner on the OnePlus 5 loaded the phone screen almost instantaneously after pressing my thumb to the fingerprint scanner. I almost immediately created a hot key to bring the camera up first when opening the phone. 

Yes, as a joke many people have seen the leaked images of this device and thought "Wow, it looks just like the iPhone 7." I assure you as many other brands have all began to conform to a fairly basic exterior design as the iPhone this one feels different and for all the right reasons. Thinner, lighter, faster. 

Below are the full specs, photos, and test images of the phone that bring a bold stance to what the greatest pieces of hardware an do within a smartphone today. Also below is my unboxing and initial thoughts on the phone. 

  • The thinnest and sleekest OnePlus flagship ever, at just 7.25 mm
  • The highest resolution dual-camera system available on any smartphone, with a 16 MP main camera supported by a 20 MP telephoto camera for beautiful portrait shots and clearer zoom
  • Dash Charge, which gives you a day’s power in half an hour, as well as 20% better battery life
  • Octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor (up to 2.45 GHz)
  • Up to 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage
  • A refined Android experience with OxygenOS, based on Android 7.1.1
  • A durable and accurate ceramic fingerprint sensor that unlocks your phone in 0.2 seconds
  • OnePlus’ unique Alert Slider, which allows you to effortlessly switch between three notification profiles: Silent, Do Not Disturb and Ring

Notice a couple very key details in the design that, in my opinion, make sit far greater than Apples iPhone 7 design. For starters there is a headphone jack, thank goodness. Then second, we have a slight bezel that goes all the way up the side of the phone giving it a slight soft cut that is easy to grab and pickup from a flat service. Something I have complained about since the design of the iPhone 6. 

Here are a few sample images I took with the device while here in Chicago for the week. Let me know what you think in the comments below and of course tell me if you have an iPhone or Android. Love to hear your thoughts on which is better and if Apple is beginning to lose their touch to smaller but better companies like OnePlus. 

Below testing out the portrait mode, which essentially fakes a bokeh with software to emulate the look of a larger aperture DSLR. 

Overall, I am super impressed with the device overall and am getting far more used to the idea of getting away from Apple for a little bit with Google. I hope to have a full review of the phone and it's camera features in the next few weeks here as well over on my YouTube page. So be sure to keep an eye out for those and let me know in the comments below what you think. 

If you want to check out more about the brand new OnePlus 5 be sure to check out the full launch site here and for a little extra about the company behind the phone check out the latest post by The Verge

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Photo Kaz's picture

What type of screen does it have? Also, I seriously doubt that Apple has lost touch. I use an iPhone 7+ and it's a great device. The iPhone 8 is just a few months away, and will likely leapfrog this phone in every way.

Andrew Griswold's picture

The screen res is the usual 1920 x 1080 pixels just like most smart phones. I will admit I was VERY close to grabbing up the Pixel when it was released and then was on the fence when the iPhone 7 actally came out and wasnt as impressive as I thought. Hopefully I can get a revival to the Apple brand with the latest and greatest when the 8 or 7s comes out in a few months. I am just super impressed with what OnePlus is able to do even though they are a little guy in the entire process. Weather resistance is a big bummer but those specs are brilliant and easily the best out there. I guarentee these specs wont touch Apple when the new one they release comes out.

Deleted Account's picture

Not sure it has only 1920x1080.. And I think it has an amoled screen. Personally i would choose a phone just because it has amoled instead of ips.