Join the Fstoppers and Peter Hurley Live Tonight at 9PM Eastern

Join the Fstoppers and Peter Hurley Live Tonight at 9PM Eastern

As you know, today we released our newest collaboration with Peter Hurley: Illuminating the Face. To celebrate the completion of this 4.5 hour tutorial, both Lee and I will be joining Peter Hurley live on Spreecast to talk about photography, lighting, headshots, and pushing yourself as an artist. If you have any questions for Peter or about the photography community in general this will be a great hangout tonight. Simply click on the link above to join and we look forward to seeing everyone live tonight!

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Chet Meyerson's picture

Will you be recording this so we may see it at a future date? Of all nights, I have a commitment tonight I cannot change. Thanks

Wes Jerdon's picture

Thank you SO much for this chance! I am hoping to be able to get enough to go! THANK YOU!!!

John_Skinner's picture

Open comment to both Lee and Patrick

As an avid reader of this forum since it's near conception, FStoppers over this time has had some remarkable content. I've seen things posted here in original content form, and linked, I never imagined I would see in my lifetime. But I don't want to dwell in this area. Instead, I'd like to comment on the 3 pieces both Lee and Patrick have produced in long form for us all.

That being the original Peter Hurley "Art of the Headshot" and architectural video, and finally, this latest piece on Peter with lighting. I've been in this game trying to eat for well over 30+ years. From 9 - 220 roll weddings twice a weekend, to product boxes and clothes. A very long haul. In those years instructional this and that have come and gone. But as most of us know, it's the very very few that we spill into and get so much out of, we just dread the end to come. So much information, so well planned and executed, one would almost like to make it into a pocket reference to pull out at a moment's need.. THIS is what Lee and Patrick have produced in all three of these pieces.

Let alone the crazy insane access to 2 of the most talented people in their respected fields of work.

I just want to convey my thoughts and thank to both Lee and Patrick for having the talent, and wherewithal to pull this off and create three pieces that will surely last for years and years. Just an outstanding job full stop.

For everything we see here daily. For this video series, for all of it.. A big Thanks and jobs well done.

- John Skinner