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Way too good !

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Absolutely flawless. Such a stunning image!!

Zoli Tarnavölgyi's picture

awesome! really! :-)

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Świetne !

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Big fan of your work !!!

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Flawless to me. The dimension the shadows, perfect!

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Seriously, COME ON!! O.O!

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Love those shadows - perfect...

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Love this

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truly amazing!

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I love, love the lighting. The lines, the lips, the eyes all make this photo stand out.

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Hi Anna, great shot, love the photo! but seriously.. ebony? do you know what that means?? I understand you're Polish and if you lived there maybe you saw 2 black people in Poland in your life... but you live in Paris !!!!! It's a great photo with a beautiful model... but how do you expect people to take this seriously when you call that ebony?

Anna Dabrowska's picture

Mr Simon, oh dear, you assume falsely a lot of things:
1 / the models name is Ebony given by her parents
2 / I grew up in Nigeria so I have actually lived with "black" people and have a lot of friends with an ebony skin color
3/ and no I don't feel the need to caption my pictures in a way that would make people take me seriously or not

Simon Dyjas's picture

I stand corrected. Thank you for replying. I believe my mood at the time skewed my perception and I made a fool out of myself.

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Love it!!!

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Stunning shot in every way - I love the shadow and the way you have just the right amount of light in her eye on lower lip.

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this is so good makes me wanna cry.could you spare an exif once in a while or at least tell us what gear u using?

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