Canon 5D mark III & Canon EF 100 f2.8 Macro @f2.8 ISO 50 1/200s

Model - Emilija

Post: Lr + PS
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The lighting is beautiful as is that for your other photo of Emilija. I had to comment, though, on the differences in the poses. In the other, her slightly lazy eye (her left) is obvious and a little distracting. In this pose, by tilting her head, you can't easily compare them so, had I not seen the first one, I would have never noticed it. Even if it wasn't your intent, thanks for the idea for dealing with this common problem.

Oh yeah...I'm going to send a link to this photo to everyone who says macro lenses aren't good for portraiture. :-)

It's a beautiful image. The shallow depth of field is lovely, and the slightly odd shape of the pose is intriguing.

Stunning. The pose is eye catching. May i ask what you used for lighting?

She looks emotional .

Beautiful graceful image very sensual, ,she has a gorgeous neck,well done