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The sun had already set so I was struggling a bit making sure I could focus in as she was in darkness.

I had a number of great shots from this but I selected this particular image for the horizontal lines of the model, pillar and horizon.

Model: Lisa-Maree Bakker
MUAH: Mishel Vounatsos Bratsos

Canon 5D Mk II
24-105mm F4
Godox QT-600w + 300mm Beauty Dish
Godox LP-800X Inverter

Canon 5D Mark II
45mm · f/13.0 · 1/125s · ISO 400
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Paul Killeen's picture

So rewarding Greg to pull off a hard shot in the dark and see these results. Wonderful collaboration with Mish and Lisa.

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Thanks Paul,

It's situations like that, that challenge us all because we want 'the' shot!

Kwan Seng Low's picture

Wonder if you could explain your post processing, how's its done? I saw some dodge n burn or was it natural like that? thx.

Greg Desiatov's picture

Actually there has been quite a bit of post production carried out on this image.

I have smoothed out the skin and did quite a lot of tonal adjustments and you are very correct, I also did a lot of dodge and burning on the image.

James Douglas's picture

The typography in the sky is incredibly distracting... I'd buff that shit off for sure.

Matthew Smith's picture

it's a watermark...doubtfully typography.

Steve Wall's picture

fantastic shot Greg

Greg Desiatov's picture

Thanks Steve

socreative photography's picture

Very good light!!!!

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Zoe Larkin's picture

Really wonderful image. I love it! Stunning

Greg Desiatov's picture

Thanks Zoe

Matthew Smith's picture

Very nice capture. Excellent control with very little light.

Greg Desiatov's picture

Thanks Matthew

Rani George's picture

Great image.Super lines.

Greg Desiatov's picture

Thanks Rani

Justin Hardiman's picture

hey do you have a tutorial i can watch about retouching full body images?

Greg Desiatov's picture

Hey Justin, unfortunately I don't have any tutorial videos as my technique changes with every image I process

Javier Herrera's picture

Is this a composite? The sun had already set and you were shooting in darkness but yet the ocean and sky is still lit up. Looking at your image details I'm a bit confused. F/13 1/125s ISO 400? Am I missing something? Great shot

Greg Desiatov's picture

Not a composite.

The whole location wasn't in darkness. The sun had just set which gave me the awesome red sky. Because the sun had just set behind her, the shooting side of Lisa was in darkness and I had trouble getting the camera to focus.