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Brittany 01

This was shot quite late in the day at about 7:45pm and we were waiting for the sunset to start to lower so we could take advantage of the beautiful colors.

Normally I shoot with an assistant but on this occasion it was just the two of us.

About 3 frames after this shot, a breeze caught my studio light and knocked it into the ocean! As I picked it up out of the water, there was a huge flow of sandy ocean water spilling out of the strobe vents.

Needless to say, the shoot was over.

I left the light to dry out for 2 days and you would not believe it! The sucker still worked and hasn't missed a flash to this day!!

Moral of the story: Don't give the assistant the day off!!

This was shot with the strobe and a 300mm beauty dish on the right side. Light was adjusted high and angled down. Lens had a ND4 filter to darken the background.

Model: Brittany Colclough
MUAH: Mishel Vounatsos Bratsos

Canon 5D MkII
Canon 24-105mm F/4
Godox QT-600 Flash
Godox LP-800X Inverter

Canon 5D Mark II
58mm · f/10.0 · 1/125s · ISO 320
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Awesome story and great capture

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Thanks David

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love this shot! Nice work!

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Thanks Robert

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Winner !

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Cool, how did you get her up there?

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It was easy for her to climb up there

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interesting story with light, ...
once i knocked my speedlight sb900 into the brook. i was scared, but after one week of drying and using rice, he worked well.

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Its amazing how tough those light can be!

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