I was very fortunate that this particular client allowed me quite a bit of freedom in creating this image which was used as a 5x3m billboard above her couture bridal store.

I shot this in my studio and while we were experimenting with the setup, I had the idea of lifting up her dress with some fine fishing wire on a rod to give the gown a bit of movement.

I made the large frame which was nailed to my set and then the murals added in post.

I ended up choosing this particular image because the fabric looked like it was being lifted and it inspired me to add the humming bird and ribbon in post and my client was ecstatic with the final result.

I used a 2m parabolic umbrella on a boom to give it a soft light.

Designer: Angela Marcuccio Bridal Couture
Model: Alexandra Pozzo
MUA: Chantal Humberstone
Hair: Deanne Leigh

Canon 5D MkII
50mm · f/9 · 1/125 · ISO 100
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Anonymous's picture

Stunning shot and idea!

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Farhad Farajov's picture

Simply spectacular!

Greg Desiatov's picture

Thanks Farhad

rajkishore jaiswal's picture

what is sence frame

rajkishore jaiswal's picture

i think one beauty dish could use from left upper side for better shape of nose

rajkishore jaiswal's picture

nice shot

Joshua Beard's picture

Great idea. It really came together well.

Greg Desiatov's picture

Thanks Joshua

Alexander Slanger's picture

Beautiful, and timeless.

Greg Desiatov's picture

Thanks Alexander

franklin gonzalez's picture

sin palabras , bellisima

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Angelina veronica's picture

Beautiful lady and her dress is awesome .

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Claude Laramée's picture

Excellent ! Really !

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Jim Miller's picture

The HUGE name on the right ruins the whole photo for me. Can you imagine if Rembrandt spray painted such graffiti on his paintings? It's distracting and unattractive.

charles warren's picture

Excellent + I just noticed the bird, Nice touch.

Greg Desiatov's picture

Thanks Charles.

On the day we just played with the fabric and I had no idea what I was going to do with it. It wasn't till I was in post production that I came up with the idea.

Jamie Felton's picture

Absolutely love it!!! The bird is my favorite part.

Greg Desiatov's picture

Thanks Jamie. Not a bad little detail for an after-thought! LOL

Rey cisneros's picture

Whatis the motivation. Nice