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Profile of a dancer

Jeremiah came to the studio to help us test out some different lighting ideas. I wanted to do something a bit different than just a clean backdrop. I started to add lights and some props in the background to create a behind the scenes feel. This was light with two lights. One was a 30" beauty dish camera right and the other was a low powered strobe behind the subject. Shot on my nikon d810.

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Killer lighting!

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This is spectacular. Just perfect on so many levels.

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None of this image is to discuss, everything is here, presence, atmosphere, right number of props in the background, a beautiful image !

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Impressive technique. Very well done!

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amazing shot, beautiful pose, expression and lighting!

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awesome shot man. loving the light and overall scene

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the detail in this photo is gorgeous!!

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I love the post processing!! Do you mind sharing what you did?