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Vintage Cellar - Gibbston Valley Wines, New Zealand

The first vines in Gibbston were planted by Alan Brady in the early 1980s. Everyone thought that it was too cold for grapes and he would fail, but they were wrong. Central Otago is today regarded as one of the top three regions in the world for Pinot Noir, Jess and I couldn't help but go on one of their Wine Cave tours while in Queenstown. The oak barrels are stored in an man made cave as a result of blasting into the mountain beside the vineyard. This was the first and continues to be the largest Wine Cave in New Zealand. At any given time there are approximately 400 barrels of Pinot Noir alone, no wonder I fell in love with this place!

This shot is of a private collection secured behind bars. Literally, I shot this between what looked like a prison cell! I love the fact that these bottles have been there so long, there is dust settling on 90% of them. These were the only cellared bottles in the cave so I can imagine they would be absolutely amazing!

Geek note: I was blown away by the detail that this lens and body kept in the low light. This is one single RAW image from a D600 & 14-24mm ƒ/2.8 Nikon, amazing.

Nikon D600
14mm · f/2.8 · 1/10 · ISO 1100
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Wow.....how cool is this place!

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Wow, is this in camera? It kind of looks like an HDR ......

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Single frame in camera, was just a combination of Nik Collection and LR adjustments to give it a slight HDR look.