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Sunrise over Oak Bluffs

I rolled out of bed, grabbed by battery, clumsily stuffed it in my Canon 50D, checked to see if there was room on the CF card, threw on the 24mm F/2.8, and threw open the sliding door to the yacht I was staying in. I climbed up the ladder to the fly bridge, opened up the windshield so that I had a perfect view, and waited...

I started shivering, but it was too late to go back down and grab a sweatshirt, I would miss the sunrise.

0522 hours. I see the golden rays of the sun peek over the pier in the distance. At first I just stare in awe and bask in the glory of Earth's beauty.

I switch the camera on, bring it to my face, focus, compose, adjust the aperture and shutter speed, and press down on the shutter. A few clicks later I know that I one of those photos is the dream-like combination of motivation, experience, competence, timing, and luck.

Was getting up at 5 in the morning worth it? Hell yes it was. And you can expect me - about the farthest from a morning person as possible - roaming around beautiful locations before sun rises in the future to hone my craft.

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Good work Tyler, I can't remember the last time I got up for a sunset. I usually just stay up all night so I have to give you props for getting out of bed and getting the shot.

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Thanks Chris! As I said, I was hesitant but it was well worth it!