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Dan and Autumn

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Paul Schliebs's picture

Amazing shot!! Well done!

Stephen Yen Chong's picture

Can you give us a break down of how you created and captured this shot? Fantastic shot.

Thadd Grant's picture

This is so good! Your exposure on the subjects is excellent. I'd like to know more about it as well. Was this shot during an actual snowstorm?

Josean Rosario's picture

I would say rain

Neil Holloman's picture

son of a b***h this is beautiful

Arthur - C12's picture

Do not show us a break down of how you created and captured this shot Please!!!!!Fantastic....,as already enough and I respect your work!!!! always supporting you..

Alistair Harlond's picture

Speechless :-)

Roger Jones's picture

Excellent just Excellent, Magical


Justin Berrington's picture

Speechless like Alistair!

Mikael Grahn's picture

This shot is so powerful. Its like a picture from a fairytale! Very well done.

Piotr Maksymowicz's picture

Amazing Shot!!

Richard Tucker's picture

Lighting is just amazing. Inspirational. Makes me want to experiment.

Ryan Burleson's picture

Really good stuff, dreamy and that backlighting kicks butt!

Steve Noseworthy's picture

Absolutely stunning image! Great work!

Stephen Baldwin's picture

This is decadent.

Arslan Zahid's picture

Amazing shot

Luis De Jesus's picture

Damn, this is absolutely magical.

Roman Ronrevuald's picture

Wonderful shot! Very beautuful!

Russell Bradley's picture

The most amazing shot!! :)

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Wonderful shot, Very nice

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AWESOME shot! really very creative! Congrats!!

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Amazing Bro

Karma Hill's picture

Great lighting! I love how you can see the raindrops so well. Hope you were under and umbrella too.

Steven Houle's picture

wish i was, i got soaking wet but totally worth it.

zev's picture

Just perfect! Love everything about it!