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165mm · f/3.2 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Great Headshot!

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I agree with @Tobias Glawe This is really well done.

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Thank You so much for kind words.

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Great headshot!
Would you mind sharing your lighting setup?

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THANK YOU!!! Please shoot me a message on FB and I will send You images from my setup. https://www.facebook.com/rafalwegiel

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Lakanta!!! Love this guy!

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He is a great guy... that was one of kind experience working with him... I am working on the next shoot with Tom and i simply can't wait.

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Amazing photo! The DoF is working great; not too focused on one specific spot on his face, but rather his entire face in in focus while the rest isn't. And bloody hell, that's a sharp image. I also like his shirt, but that's completely off topic.

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Thank You so much for kind comment. I was shooting with 70-200 VR II and as You said its a bloody sharp lens...He is very stylish guy.

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Excellent work. FB'd ya!

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Thank You!

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You just inspired me. What was your lighting setup... Worked great

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I used two Rotalux deep octas with Speed lights Nikon 910 ...nothing fancy. Shoot me an e-mail and I will send You behind scene image :)

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Love the lighting on this one

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Terrific shot!