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Horses in a snowstorm

Horses are not exactly wildlife in Iceland. They are domestic. Still some of them are out in the free during the winter. Photographing them in heavy snow somehow shows how tough they are.

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Great shot

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Thanks! I see that it´s "the photo of the day" at the moment. A short behind the lens video is here for those interested: https://youtu.be/UgEj5eYAGHM

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very good. You hid the bale of hay well to make it look even more desolate.

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Thanks, the point was to go for simplicity.

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.. nice one Einar ;-)

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Thanks Raymond. You should know the nice ones, you have many of them. ;-)

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Excellent Shot. The whites are perfect. These horses are courageous!

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Great image !

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Awesome shot Einar!

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Excellent, staying power is mandatory. Wow

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Fantastic shot. Also really loved the video! I fell in love with Iceland when I visited a couple years ago, so I subbed to hopefully see more of your adventures over there!

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Thank you Wayne Denny, - keep watching. You must be one of the 17 subscribers in our channel :-)

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I will! Your videos make me want to go back to Iceland!

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I like the feeling of vulnerability in the picture.
Very good