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Orbital Ray

I've done quite a lot of star trails, but I've never focused on getting a moon trail before, so thought I'd have a go.

I've spent a lot of nights watching the moon set behind these rocks, being as I can see them from my house, I thought I'd try and capture it.

Unfortunately though I ended up having to composite, because the moon first didn't set quite vertically, and then it set off to the left, so I had to move it in Photoshop. But you get the idea what I was going for with this. The slight flare at the bottom of the moon trail was thin cloud going in front of it, making it flare out a little more.

Canon 6D
200mm · f/40 · 30s · ISO 50
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Awesome! Very creative! I would never thought about getting a moon-trails this way. Love it! :)

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Cheers, I've never seen anyone do it either, just thought I'd give it a go:)

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Haha! Cheers:)

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Super neat idea. If not for your description I would have been scratching my head, wondering "how'd he do that"?

Keep up the good work.

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Very creative shot!

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It's a great shot!

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Beam me up Scotty!