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July 3, 2018

Took a portrait of fellow photographer/model Fynn Tastic (Germany).

60x60 gridded softbox with diffuser as main light and 2 silver reflective umbrellas from behind.

Panasonic G9 + Panaleica 42.5


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Stephen Venneman's picture

Love how you did the lighting!

Josh Kummerow's picture

Really like this. Very John Wick-ish

David T's picture

One of the more subconscious inspirations for sure. Atomic Blonde was the main one :)

Smith And Daniels's picture

Hey David, seen many colour portraits, but think this one takes it for me. Great job.

vito servideo's picture

Great job on the lighting and editing !

Jeena Paradies's picture

She really looks like Claudia Schiffer

Chris Cameron's picture

I thought Isabel Lucas

Matteo Callisti's picture

I really love this style! Congrats.