Simchy Zuckerman's picture

City Sunset

Canon 7D
88mm · f/2.8 · 1/160s · ISO 200
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Win Mag's picture

good job i love the framing, the lights, the tones

Simchy Zuckerman's picture

thanks man!

Manuel Mauer's picture

It´s ok. The lightning is nice, the model is beautiful. I don´t like the leaning of the picture to the left. Also the turn of the head is a little unnatural. The little space above her head is annoying - give it more room or cut the head noticeable.

Simchy Zuckerman's picture

Thanks for the feedback!

Lucas Fladzinski's picture

I think it's a lot better than just ok. I guess I can agree with the composition and pose but there are a lot of things that work so well in this photo. Excellent tone, great lighting and post.

Cris Magsino's picture

gorgeous girl! beautiful shot!

Randy Budd's picture

Excellent capture of a beautiful woman. Love the light and tones. The slight tilt does not bother me due to the DOF as my eyes go straight to your sister who pops out of the background. I see catchlights. Did you use a reflector?

Simchy Zuckerman's picture

thank you! No, but I did enhance using dodge and burn.

Jay Goldz's picture

wow! nice!

Nasser Ali's picture

Good one! In love with the processing. Well done!

scanner fm77's picture

Love the colour :)

Herman VDZ's picture

Nice photo & editing...just one question. Did u use any light..flash or strobe to shoot this.

Simchy Zuckerman's picture

thank you! nope, natural light only.

Neill Augustine's picture

Hmm...are those freckles factory equipment, or aftermarket? They're dusted just so, just right. If they're hers, I have to give you a big thumbs up for an outstanding photo all around. I don't see anything forced or unnatural about the tilt of the head.

Simchy Zuckerman's picture

Thank you! natural freckles

Manthos Tsakiridis's picture

Great work man!