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Birth of Venus

Hello everyone. Here's an image from an improvised shoot I did last year, inspired by Botticelli's beautiful painting, "The Birth of Venus" .

You've probably seen this headpiece before as I've used it so many times.
You don't really need a big budget to create something amazing, Don't let money hinder you from creating, cause what's important is your imagination.

Have a lovely day everyone. :)

Stay passionate! Stay inspired! <3

Model: Therese Elene Ellehaven

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Lovely image. I'd be interested in hearing about the lighting you used.

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Thanks Jack. I used a godox flash with a yellow gel on the back of the model and a strobe with a big octabox in front.:)

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This pick made me create an account because of the curiosity! What about the blur on the air? is it low speed or the gel? Do you have the hair moving ?

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beautiful portrait!

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Love the dreamy feel!

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Great photo but I would do something with the blown out areas on her right hand.

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It looks like it was done intentionally with makeup and I personally love it! The brightness on the hand is balanced out by the brightness of the back light. Great job Grace!

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This is brilliant.

Mike Smith's picture

Just so very very beautiful, colour and light too...

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This is truly beautiful.

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Well done. great concept and way of Execution.

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Hi Grace. A beautiful high key. For me this image is inspiring in many ways. The smoothness, colours and composition are just amazing. Even though the eyes are closed, the vision straight went to the face. Learning a lot. thanks.

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Very nice image. I just find that this reflection on the right hand catches too much attention.