A black labrador on charcoal. Just love that combination. It's just lit by one flash with octabox from front and two reflectors from the side.

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Elke Vogelsang's picture

Ui, Editor's Pick... thank you very much!

glenn kaupert's picture

strong work

Elke Vogelsang's picture

Thank you!

Peter N.'s picture

Really lovely dog portrait. Congrats for 'Editors Pick' status. Great work, as always. :)

Elke Vogelsang's picture

Thank you very much!

Mark Bucher's picture

Gotta love Labs!

Debby Herold's picture

Beautiful lighting. Congratulations on Editor's Pick!

Elke Vogelsang's picture

Thank you!

John Dynia's picture

Great shot!

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Geoffrey Gilson's picture

Amazing portfolio Elke, i would love to learn how to that :-) I have a shiba inu and he's not the most willing model :-)

Greg Kelly's picture

I love this. Thanks for sharing your ideas on lighting. I’ve been getting some ok shots of my black labs, but they absorb all the light. Well done and congrtutions

João Almeida's picture

Loved it!
Nice work, as usual!

Rodrigo Capuski's picture

Black beauty

cheryl pelavin's picture

your work brings such joy, thank you

El Dooderino's picture

Excellent pic!!

Elke Vogelsang's picture

Thank you very much for your comments!