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All smiles...

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Sam Russell's picture

gorgeous smile. really nice light and skin tones

Anonymous's picture

I just want you to know that I saw this image on the internet about a year ago and instantly fell in the love with it. Such a memorable smile, pose, everything. Excellent job. I saw it earlier today and remembered it right away, it's cool to have you on here man. Keep up the great work.

Joey Wright's picture

Thanks Robert... that was a great compliment! I suppose we're all trying to make photos that are worthy of people taking the time to stop and enjoy, at the very least. The most we can hope for, as in your case, is to create an image that will leave a lasting impression. :)

Steve Vlahos's picture

I want to know what did you say to her to get that reaction ;)

JAZZMAN 8's picture

She's is beautiful. Girl next door look. Great pose and lighting. Good job to both of you!

Scott Van DeHey's picture

Nice, flash right?

Angelina veronica's picture

Her smiling and and photo expression are gorgeous .

Sascha Pihan's picture

Wow, that is a cute smile. Excelent photo. The posture is unusual and therefore this shot is amazing. Chapeau!

Garry Pollard's picture

Beautifully captured smile,

Kevin Plovie's picture

Lovely photo of a lovely woman. Love the pose, crop,...

John Hicks's picture

An excellent photograph