March 7, 2019

Lindesnes lighthouse in Southern Norway :) beautiful place! have been here alots of time. shot whit canon 6d, sigma 24mm art

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Magnus Ådegren's picture

Really great lighthouse shot!

Nazim Ozturk's picture

Amazing framing...

Bjørn - Audun Myhre's picture

Thanks a lot Nazim! :)

Jeff Walsh's picture

fantastic shot

Bjørn - Audun Myhre's picture

thanks alot Jeff! :)

Matt Goudreau's picture

this is one of the most breathtaking photos i have ever seen. absolutely phenomenal job :O

David Glazebrook's picture

I really enjoy your image. I find the movement of the person in the red hat a bottom left a little distracting. The person in black or dark colours is of worry. All the best.

Bjørn - Audun Myhre's picture

Thanks alot! Yeah i agree 😅

Amazing shot it's got a very relaxing atmosphere.

gjvwsp's picture

Riktigt trevlig bild!
Great job!

Cary Nixon's picture

Breathtaking !!!

Michael Moon's picture

This is beautiful!

chris bryant's picture

Top picture.

John Taylor's picture

Well Done !

Markus Anfinnes's picture

My home! 5/5

Bjørn - Audun Myhre's picture

takker :D sier vi... hehe :D