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Power Tree

I was at my folks place in southeast Saskatchewan with a clear forecast and set out to capture 3 of my most favourite trees growing up. This was the first one I shot and I had to make sure I spent most of my time at this location to get it right. This is a massive tree that sits in a field. I drove past it a lot growing up. It really is quite impressive. So impressive in fact that after I took my test shot I knew I had to focal length blend the shot .. The milky way core looked WAY too cute at 24mm. I moved my composition so the milky way at 50mm would align right behind the tree and I started shooting my foreground as a 20% crescent moon was setting behind and managed to focus stack my foreground. I set up my tracker and waited half an hour for the moon to set and started firing away. After the first exposure I was reminded why you never track a sky behind a tree in the immediate foreground, YIKES! I would still be cloning/healing brush the tree blur today. So I decided to cheat, just a little bit. I moved my tripod to the other side of the tree, polar aligned again, and set up my frame as I had aligned it around the tree and shot a few clean sky images. Blended in Photoshop

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Beautiful blending of color overall.

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