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Recent project I worked for La Casa del Waffle here in Mexico. I did all the shots withouth any food styling because I'm not used on that really, so I always do this with the real food.

I used a Fuji XT3 + Fujinon 56mm 1.2 for this.

The food was lightened with the Godox AD600BM + 110cm beauty dish from the back top at 45º and one 130cm x 60cm stripbox from each side, from the back to the front at 45º.

Two days of retouching.

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Thank you so much Jonathon! I recently changed to fuji, I just love the colors and quality of this brand!

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Well done shoot and retouching. But why 3 fruit pieces are blurred? Do you think its give any extra value? Did you try another version of background?

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Very nice, but is the shape the cream is making significant to something in particular?